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Please write a 1 page, discussing quality of health care in general  in thenext points:

  • LO.1: To differentiate and synthesize the current thinking on defining and measuring the state of healthcare quality
  • LO.2: To evaluate quality measurement, improvement and outcomes from a systems perspective
  • LO.3: To examine the role of community needs, determinants, and community relationships/partnerships in improving population health
  • LO.4: To apply the traditional tools of continuous quality improvement and lean six sigma in real-world healthcare organization
  • LO.5: To evaluate the role of external organizations in measuring and monitoring quality for accountability and transparency.
  • LO.6: To develop metrics for and assess the effectiveness of quality initiatives in a real-world healthcare organization through written and presented case work.
  • LO.7: To explore the leader’s role in creating a supportive culture for quality, patient safety and high reliability

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Quality of Healthcare

The different aspects of measuring the quality of healthcare are the structures measure, the process measure and the outcome measure. The structure measure puts into account the accessibility and quality of resources for healthcare providers to the patients. The outcome measure considers the final result of the health care services provided. The process measure covers the delivery procedures of the healthcare service offered.

            Where the measure sets out to be continuous and incremental it is based on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). It seeks out all gaps and opportunities for improvement and it sets standards of quality assurance (QA). The management and executive function of the healthcare provider is managed under Total Quality Management (TQM) to where systems, processes, teamwork, organization and environment are kept to certain the best standards possible.

Social determinants of health are the resources available to a healthcare provider. They include funds and other influencers. These determinants may limit the health of a community and are key to improving a population health. Partnerships between the community and health care providers will mean that the community influences approaches of the healthcare providers and vice versa (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015).

The lean six sigma approach to measuring quality is one that aspires to acquire near perfection by basing it on continued improvement of the process. Six Sigma prefers the measurement of quality through statistics, analytical approaches as well as management of the process for improved outcome. Health care providers therefore can opt to apply the lean six sigma by proper data collection and management in a CQI approach.

Both internal and external measurement and monitoring of quality is essential in health care. While the internal systems of monitoring may factor in the internal environment, it could remain biased. The external measurement and monitoring is quite objective and unbiased when it comes to ensuring there are accountability as well as transparency in the health care organization.

All healthcare organizations need to employ metrics that the quality management and monitoring is based. These metrics must be standardized and factored in the structures measure, the process measure and the outcome measure.

The leader of the health care organization needs to remain objective and focused as well as an initiative in ensuring the quality of healthcare is upheld. They need to inculcate teamwork, honesty, accountability of everyone in the organization. They must pay close attention to the feedback from continuous monitoring and measurement of quality and build on it to improve. The improvement must also aspire towards a safe and reliable organization.

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