Length & Guidelines

Each question must be responded to with around a half-page of text including complete and well-formed sentences. Certain questions will require more or less to fully articulate a response (200-225) words per answer. Bulleted lists may be included but may not make up the entire answer. When responding to a prompt requiring an article review the response to the review portion must be at least 1 full page. Your response will likely require additional length to provide a quality response.

(Refer to Chapters 7 and 8, Case # 17 of your textbook)

Chapter 7: Strategy and Technology

1.     Describe standardization, format wars, and how standardization can lead to a format war.

2.     Once standardization occurs, how does the industry benefit?

3.     During a format war, describe how competition occurs and how a price war can take shape.

4.     Define first and second movers. How do these two entities interact within and industry, and who learns what as the industry takes shape?