Describe types of financials and their importance to shareholders.

Individual Assignment – ’10K Annual Report’

Please select a current “10K” report ( of a publicly held healthcare corporation. Review and familiarize yourself with the report contents, then write a 4 page, APA compliant paper with at least 3 scholarly references, that discusses the following:

1. The types of financials included in the 10K and why they are important to shareholders.

2. One paragraph that identifies the name of the federal government agency that requires a publicly held corporation to file an annual 10K along with a brief history and broad responsibilities of the agency.

3. Three items or areas on the report that you found interesting and discuss their relative value to shareholders. Explain why you found these items/areas interesting and informative.

Important Requirement: When you choose a report, please choose a hospital or healthcare organization from United States. Total 4 pages excluding title page and references. Thank you.