2-Part Research Essays

THE PROJECT. This essay asks you to write two papers. Paper #2 previews sources you intend to use on Paper #3, which is an argument about the meaning or significance of some aspect of a text or texts. You do not need to write about science fiction; if you do, do not write about any topics previously assigned. For help with the various stages, consult handouts, your textbook, a reference librarian, and/or me. Definitions: • A text is a film, TV show, book, graphic novel, comic book, or even a game or other cultural product. • An aspect can be an approach covered in this class (race/ethnicity, sex/gender, sexuality, social class) or a focus on identity, religion, politics, education, science, the military, the environment, and so on. • Textual evidence comes from the text being analyzed; authorities are experts that you cite. PAPER #2—Scholarly Preview (150 points). Write a formal, titled expository essay of at least 1000 words and exactly five paragraphs, reporting on three scholarly sources you plan to use later in your argument in Paper #3. PAPER #3—Argument (200 points). Write a formal paper in which you ARGUE about the meaning or significance of one aspect of a text or texts, using both textual evidence and authorities for support (see the previous page for some helpful definitions). READ THE PROMPT