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Addison Lee is a private hire services company in the UK, founded in 1975. The business has been in operation for over 40 years offering a range of same day, international, mobile and customer focused delivery services provided through minicabs, taxybikes, coaches and private jets.

Originally known as a business to business company, Addison Lee has expanded its business to consumer offering, with 50% of the business going through the company app which was launched in 2009 and a quarter of traffic driven through the website (MarketingWeek, 2017).

As part of their rebrand strategy a bold new premium look and feel was unveiled in 2016, the new logo and colour palette in yellow, black and slate signifies their commitment to offering passengers quality and service (TheDrum, 2016)

Focused on enhancing the customer experience, Addison Lee has invested heavily in mirroring Uber’s London features, like off peak weekend fares, sharing your ETA and driver tipping, additionally, the company announced plans in September 2017 to increase the number of fleet drivers from 3,600 to 4,450 (Smith, 2017).

In increasing the consumer side of business, the company is dedicated to its personalisation strategy, where data is used to offer personalised deals via email or text based on previous journey behaviour. With the recent news that key competitor UBER has lost their operating license in London, Londoners will be seeking out travel alternatives, giving Addison Lee ample opportunity to expand its client base (MarketingWeek 2017).

As a newly appointed marketing assistant of the Addison Lee marketing team, you have been asked to write a report addressing the following task areas:




Assignment 1- Addison Lee Report

2000 words


TABLE OF CONTENT                                                                                               Page #


1.0 Introduction                                                                                                          2

2.0 Marketing orientation                                                                                        3                 





  • An overview of Addison Lee
  • introduction to the concept of marketing and communications
  • the purpose of your report
  • Must include referenced sources


i.e. As newly appointed Marketing, this report is prepared/organised on the instruction/advice of the Marketing Director of Addison Lee addressing the following tasks:


 Task 1: Marketing orientation (200 words)

  1. Describe the Production, Product, Selling, and Marketing orientations
  • What are they? What does each orientation entail? Explain each one
  • Are there key differences between them, what are they?
  • use references for each orientation discussed


  1. Identify and explain the orientation adopted by Addison Lee, and provide two (2) examples that demonstrate Addison Lee’s use of the approach (150 words)
  • Do not rely on bullet points
  • Give examples of Addison Lee’s approach – what evidence is there to suggest Addison Lee is using the chosen orientation


Task 2: Marketing environments 150 words


  1. What is marketing environment analysis?
  • Highlight what the marketing environment is made up of.
  • You could also discuss the tools used to analyse each environment i.e. PESTEL
  • Explain why organisations do a marketing environment analysis?
  • Why is it important for Addison Lee to carry out a marketing environment analysis prior to setting a marketing strategy?
  • Include reference sources



  1. What are macro environmental factors? (150 words)
  • Choose two factors, one economic and one socio-cultural factor–
  • Explain each factor and the impact each factor could have on Addison Lee marketing decisions.
  • For each factor discussed state whether they would be an opportunity or threat for Addison Lee and why?
  • Include reference sources


  1. The micro environment (100 words)
  • Who are the key competitors of Addison Lee?
  • Choose two and discuss why they are competitors, outline what the two competitors do
  • Explain the potential threats each competitor poses to Addison Lee. Be clear.
  • Include reference sources


  1. What are internal environmental factors? (150 words)
  • Choose two factors that could be considered as strengths or weaknesses in Addison Lee’s operations i.e. Organisation Resources, culture, location etc. Internal environment may include the company’s performance. It can be performance of sales, the market shares, the performance of profitability, customer’s loyalty towards the brand.
  • Explain each of the chosen factors
  • Why are the factors considered to be strength or a weakness?
  • Include reference sources


Task 3: Marketing strategies (100 words)

  1. The concept of segmentation
  • What is market segmentation?
  • What does it involve? Consider the various approaches to segmentation? i.e. demographic etc
  • Why is segmentation important in planning a marketing strategy for Addison Lee?
  • Include reference sources
  1. Segmentation approaches (250 words)
  • There are four key approaches – choose two that Addison Lee could adopt when segmenting the market for 16 – 25-year olds
  • Explain the two approaches and how they may be used
  • Include reference sources


Task 4: Marketing mix (7Ps) (300 words)

  1. Addison Lee’s marketing mix (7Ps)
  • What is the marketing mix (7Ps)
  • For each P state Addison Lee’s current approach i.e. for product – what is the product/service offering? What are the features of the product etc.? what is the pricing strategy?
  • All 7ps must be completed
  • Must include reference sources




  1. Based on the new objective Recommend changes to the Product, Price and Promotion element of Addison Lee’s marketing mix (3P’s) (200 words)
  • What changes should be made to the product offering?
  • What changes should be made to the Price? What pricing strategy will be used to attract the new target audience of 16-25 year olds? Justify your choices
  • What changes should be made to the Promotion? How will Addison lee communicate with the new target audience of 16-25 year olds, to get them to use the service? tools used will probably be different given the focus on a new target audience (young audience). Justify your choices
  • Include reference sources


The above three elements of the 7ps must illustrate changes to Addison Lee’s marketing mix (7ps)


Conclusion – Summary of the key findings discussed

Reference list – credible academic sources from books, academic journals, reports, which will earned you better grades NOT Wikipedia

Appendix (optional)


  • Please write your work in 3rd person not 1st meaning, avoid ‘I’. Use the author, writer, researcher in its place. Do not use WE, use the name of the company
  • Underpin all of your work with relevant theory
  • Include referenced sources throughout



Report Structure and Guidelines

You are expected to submit a professionally presented assignment in a business report format.

The following structure could be used. You will need to create your own headings and sub headings for each task in the main body



A title page: ID number,

Assignment title Contents page


Main body (construct your own headings and sub headings for each task)

Task 1 – 4



Reference List


Expected to submit work that includes:

Correct spelling and appropriate use of grammar.
Line spacing no less than 1.5 and no greater than double.
Arial and 12pt font size for the main text.

Acknowledgement of all sources of information using Harvard format and includes a detailed reference list.

You must research widely and include a minimum 10 (Ten) peer- reviewed scholarly articles in your final report

Titles and subtitles for each section. Managers need to be able to find information quickly.
Tables and graphs to illustrate your points where necessary.

All tables and graphs must be numbered, titled and referred to in the text of your report.

Clear arguments. For any statement you make, (e.g., by citing scholarly journal articles).

Word count: 2000 words (excluding reference list and appendix)


End of Assignment Brief


Reading List


We recommend that you buy the Core Text listed below and in addition consider obtaining other books from the list. You may wish to form a study group with other students to facilitate the sharing of non – core texts.

Core Text :

ISBN* Author(s) Title Edition Date Publisher
978 – 0273742 975

978 – 1446259 030

Kotler P. and Armstrong G.

E gan, J.

Principles of Marketing

Marketing Communications

5th Edition

2nd Edition







Key Texts

ISBN Author(s) Title Edition Date Publisher
978 – 128509 2591

978 – 144627 4002

978 – 027371 7225

Kurtz D, Boone L

Blythe J

Fill, C.

Principles of Contemporary Marketing

Principles & Practice of


Marketing Communication

14th ed.


3rd ed.

3rd ed.



South – Western College Publishing


Pearson Education

Academic and Professional Articles:

Students will be strongly encouraged to use journal articles relevant to their areas of research. These may include articles extracted from the following sources, which are not exhaustive:

  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing Communications
  • Journal of Services Marketing
  • European Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research,
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Journal of Advertising
  • International Journal of Advertising
  • Journal of Public Policy and Marketing
  • Journal of Business
  • International Journal of Research in Marketing, Psychology and Marketing,
  • Journal of Research for Consumer
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology,
  • Journal of Product Innovation Management
  • European Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Consumer Marketing
  • Journal of Services Marketing.

Online Resources







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