Admin of justice system

Write a 1-2 page essay addressing  police discretion, and problem solving.

You are a police  officer responding to a noise complaint from neighbors near a local community swimming pool. It is 8:30 pm and the pool closed at 6 pm. You discover there are  three teenage boys swimming inside the pool. There is also a hole in the fence surrounding the pool. You approach the three swimmers and ask them to get out of the pool and to produce identification. Each teenager complies and one of them states that they entered through the open hole in the fence and were just cooling off. You ask dispatch to contact the Community Association and it is confirmed that the hole in the fence was already there and it should have been patched. The Community Association just wants the boys to leave the pool and stay off the property. Within your police department there is a policy that patrol officers may use their discretion on handling juvenile complaints. Based on the above information and the use of discretion, what are your options?  What would you chose to do to solve this problem short and long term and why?

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