Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

I have 73 definitions that needs to be paraphrase and I also need an example for each definition. So again each definition needs to be paraphrase put in your owns words and then an example is also needed for each definitions. I have place all the meaning for the definition all you need to do is paraphrase it into your words and provide example. The document is attach.

Here is an example
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse- APRN are advance nurses who work independently they also have a lot of knowledge in pharmacology, pathophysiology, and physical assessment and certification and expertise in specialized area.
•    Example- A certified nurse practitioner (CNP) can diagnose and treat patient independently they also have advance education and certification in their specialty

Please only use what I provide no need to research unless you are confuse on something but i can not use outside source. And each definitions should be 1 sentence long followed with an example so all together two sentence.

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