African Folklore

Choose ONE topic to research and write an essay on: a) African American Graffiti, or African Amrican Graffiti Artists b) Quilting and the Underground Railroad c) Zora Neale Hurston: (African) American Folklorist d) African American Cuisine e)  Hip Hop/Rap music as social commentary f) African American fraternity and/or sorority stepping shows g) Gullah Island Culture h) Black Twitter Read Chap. 6 of Living Folklore (2005), pp. 192 -201; choose one Post-Structuralist interpretive approach: either Feminist or Intersectional Ethnography. a)     Begin with one or two paragraphs describing your project, which genre of folklore it belongs to, and then describing why you are interested in this particular topic.  b)     Describe how your chosen ethnographic approach helps you understand and engage with your chosen topic (one or more paragraphs). c)      How did you find the material for your research; was it easy or difficult to find this material – why; why not? Discuss in some detail, and provide, in proper MLA citation format, the links and websites from which you were able to access information (1/2 to one page). *****Please note: include actual links/urls as footnotes, but website name in the body of the essay. d)     Discuss your topic, explaining its African origins or connections, the distinguishing features, rules, language, etc., of its folk group/s. How does it differ from European, or other American cultures (three or more pages)? e)      Conclude in a paragraph or two the historical or social importance of your chosen topic in American culture. You must properly cite all your sources as MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page (MLA citation format).