Air pollution from coal power plants

Subject: Air pollution from coal power plants NO Plagiarism Can’t do it: 1. Not too many to be verb 2. Don’t repeat the same word again and again. Must DO: 1. must stay on Cause and effect, don’t move to a solution. 2. The paragraph should be like: paragraph 1: cause Paragraph 2: effect of the cause in paragraph 1. 3. Must use transaction word or sentence between paragraphs. STRATEGIC: Cause and effect Resource: publication – 2. (Must be print publication), Magazine – 1 (can be the web), another resource – 1(can be anything). Email interview (you need to mock an email interview) but don’t need to submit this interview. Introduction: The introduction uses an enticing attention getter to draw the audience into the essay. Good background information is provided to illustrate the subject and the purpose of the essay. Thesis Statement: The essay provides a meaningful thesis that focuses on a specific subject that is clearly expressed in the thesis. Topic Sentences: You use strong topic sentences that clearly illustrate the subject and assert your opinion of the subject. The alignment with your thesis statement is evident. Transitions: You use strong and varied transitions between and within paragraphs to establish flow and organization. Supporting Evidence: The essay logically supports the thesis and main ideas with details, facts, examples, and quotations. A minimum of three examples is demonstrated. There is a good balance between primary and secondary evidence. Analysis: The essay demonstrates a clear understanding of the ambiguities, nuances, and complexities of the issue. Strong analysis and writer’s voice are present. The essay clearly illustrates how the supporting evidence connects to the thesis statement and purpose of the essay. Conclusion: The essay demonstrates a clear sense of audience and uses the appropriate vocabulary for that audience. No overuse of expressions such as “like,” “a lot,” and “well.” You stay consistent with your point-of-view. Essay has voice. The essay provides a variety of sentence types and uses precise, descriptive language. No overuse of abstract words such as “there,” “it,” “things,” etc. MLA- 8 Design: The essay is the appropriate length of 6 pages. The essay follows MLA- 8 Format. Research and Source Citation: The works cited page is properly done and contains a minimum of five quality resources, including at least one interview, one Wisconsin-based, and two published sources. Parenthetical citations are properly documented within the paper. Name: Research Paper

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