Airport Certification Manuals Discussion

1.5 – Discussion: Airport Certification Manuals

Following FAR Part 139 mandates and applicable Advisory Circular guidance, develop and post a basic outline for an Airport Certification Manual (ACM) for the airport/airfield you will visit/research. You may want to populate this manual as you move forward in the course, but you will not be required to submit as a final project. Keep in mind, as a general rule; the ACM must contain operating procedures, equipment descriptions, responsibility assignments, and any other information needed by airport personnel to comply with Part 139. In particular, it must address compliance with the provisions of Subpart D of Part 139 and any limitations imposed by the FAA. This information will vary from airport to airport. Consider the airport certificate class; whether this airport has any imposed limitations, exemptions, or recent deviations, any recent modifications, construction, etc., which required an update; how does the airport operator ensure the ACM is direct, comprehensive, current, etc. You may not have completed your airport tour by the end of Week 1, so aspects of your discussion could be speculative, based on telephone conversations and Internet research, which is fine, as long as you provide make this clear and provide some rationale for your points.

Respond to this discussion forum as early in the module week as possible to both gain the most from interactions with your colleagues and to assist them in commenting meaningfully. Ensure responses are thorough, thought and discussion-provoking, and grammatically correct. All Discussion Forums should comply with APA format, with regard to in-text citations and references. Include appropriate pictures and/or videos where applicable


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