American dependence on technology creates a greater threat to homeland security.

Focuses a topic of inquiry with
clear and narrow parameters,
which are addressed through
the method and the

Explicitly connects a topic of
inquiry to relevant scholarly
works of varying perspectives
AND logically explains how the
topic of inquiry addresses a

Logically defends the
alignment of a detailed,
replicable research method to
the purpose of the inquiry.

Supports a new understanding
or conclusion through a
logically organized line of
reasoning AND sufficient
evidence. The limitations
and/or implications, if present,
of the new understanding or
conclusion are oversimplified.

• Competently communicates
the student’s ideas, although
there may be some errors in
grammar, discipline-specific
style, and organization.

• Cites AND attributes sources,
with a consistent use of an
appropriate discipline-specific
style (in both
bibliography/works cited AND
in-text), with few to no errors

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