Analysis essay, Frankenstein by marry shelly

Analysis Paper, Analysis essay, Frankenstein by marry shelly

Background : you will need to find points of interest in Frankenstein via annotation. then interpret them via analysis. finally explain why those points are interesting to you, using evidence to show it.

Theme : personhood and human life.
How does the theme of personhood and/or humanity appear in the text?Who has personhood-or is considered human-and who does not?how do you know?what does it mean to be human? what are the implication of having or not  having humanity? in what ways might the novel’s message about humanity seem relevant today?

must include:
*an introduction paragraph that states your claim and records the contextual information about the text. you will be using (title,author,and a brief summary of what the text is about)
*body paragraph that provide support for your claim ( you must analyze 3 passages from the novel to support the argument in your paper.
*a thoughtful concluding paragraph that restates the gist of your paper and thoughtfully describes why your paper is interesting,meaningful or important.
*Properly MLA paper format, parenthetical citation and a works cited page
*avoid plagiarism

the novel is uploaded on pdf file

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