analysis of how Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) negatively impact your life

Composition Project 1

(This is NOT an “objective” research paper!)

Do an in-depth 1st

person analysis of how Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) negatively
impact your life. Identify a PED, analyze its use and impact, then discuss and persuade your
audience how this device might have unintended “side effects” (physical, emotional,
psychological), and contribute to behaviors and attitudes that can possibly have negative impacts
on the individual, culture and society. You must write from a first-person perspective about your
experiences with PEDs. You also need to consider your audience and frame your argument to fit
their needs. Thus, your job as critical thinker and writer is to identify a topic of interest to you,
examine its possible negative societal impact, then write to “persuade” or “convince” your
audience of your position – and ultimately encouraging your audience to take some action –
relative to the “problems” that you have identified.
Your Audience
Your instructor and your peers are your audience. But the message you send with this analysis is
likely to be of interest to audiences in and out of your field. Thus, it is up to you to decide who
you want your audience to be, based on your purpose, message, and context.
You must also use at least two (2) forms of scholarly research (no URLs). Additionally, you
may draw on other sources (journals, newspapers or magazines, Web sites, images, popular
culture) as your audience, purpose, and message require. As part of your Works Cited Page, you
must include the author, publication title, the name of the journal/periodical, date, and page
Visual: Your project should use at least one type of visual, like a chart, graph, or photo to
support your argument.
• 1,000-1,200 words (word count at end of paper)
• Number pages – bottom-center
• Proper documentation (use documentation found in your major) of sources (see The
Purdue OWL,
• Focused revision
• Adherence to grammatical conventions
• Revision of the first essay must be submitted with the original paper (and all of its parts)
and its graded rubric; a new rubric must be attached to your revision. Under no
circumstances will late Revisions be accepted. If instructions are not followed, the
revision will not be read and your original grade stands.

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