Analyzing the marketing environment

Analyzing the marketing environment. 22pts
Who is you target market? For example, parents, spiritual individuals, teachers, doctors, celebrities, etc. 2pt
Is your target market gender specific? 2pts
Is your target market age specific? 2pts
Is your target market of a specific financial status? 2pts
Does your target market possess a certain talent our quality? 2pts
Where can you find a majority of your target market? 2pts
Based on your offering and your target market, explain which of the 4P’s would be the most
important. 5pts
Explain which form of advertising would be more profitable and why? 5pts
Structure and organization. 3pts
Use actual data to determine if the product will be successful. Compare to offerings that are
similar. Cite using APA style. 1.5pts
Questions were answered in paragraph form.

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