annotated bibliography

You will need to turn in an annotated bibliography of your scholarly sources. This should begin with your proposed topic, including a brief description of the construct of interest and how it relates to cultural psychology. The bibliography should contain the full citation of each source in APA format and a 1-2 paragraph description/summary, written by you (don’t just cut and paste the abstracts) of the article or chapter. In your description, pay particular attention to information that is directly relevant to your project aims. You may also use newspaper or popular magazine articles to help lead you toward scholarship or to add a little “texture” to your paper, but these will not count as scholarly sources (and should not be included in your annotated bibliography, but of course should be cited in the final paper The Research. You will need to find at least 5 scholarly (that is academic, peer-reviewed) sources for the bibliography. [You can also use “non-scholarly” sources for your paper (magazine or newspaper articles, web materials), but these should be mainly for framing/set up or establishing relevance to the current historical moment (that is, these aren’t actually “science” but more like anecdotal evidence). It’s also okay with me if you want to put those in this bibliography (it’s not required), but they don’t count toward “the five.”] You can use and cite course readings, but these can’t count towards “the five” (and anyway, you should find and use the original, primary sources they cite if the findings are cngtral to your own research question). Provide the full citation in APA format for each of your scholarly (that is, peer reviewed) sources. This will be followed by a one or two paragraph critical summary of the relevant information from the article or chapter. This should be fair to the authors, but it should also lean towards the points that are most relevant to your project. Take another paragraph or two to say how the information in the article connects to your project goals and why; that is, any work you can do now toward setting up your final paper will make you happy later on. the ” Annotated Bibliography Guidelines”docx & “details for research paper + topics” docx will show you more details about what to do on this assignment. when you done this assignment, i will make a new assignment for you about the essay thanks