apology – Article review

For the Entry itself, i.e. body of text:
Reading for that Week, i.e. Plato’s Gorgias
Dear Diary:
First, here is what I think is going on in this dialogue [attempt your summary of what you read]
Second, I find the following discussion particular interesting…because
Third, this makes me think of the following questions…
Fourth, I think I see a relationship between the Plato’s Gorgias and Confucius’ Analects, etc…on
this point.
In general, what we will be looking for are these four or five general rubrics:
1. Summary
2. What is striking, noteworthy, interesting to you…
3. What kinds of issues, questions, concerns, insights does it provoke in you
4. And as you move along, try to see if there are differences or similarities among the texts
that you will be reading.

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