applied project for sales.

Applied Project

Worth: 50%

Written Report for the applied project.
• Abstract (300 words, max 1 page)
• Introduction (1000 words approx.)
• Literature Review (2000 words approx.)
• Methodology (1500 words approx.)
• Findings (2500 words approx.)
• Discussion (2000 words approx.)
• Conclusions & Recommendations (1500)
• References
• Appendices

 Project to be ring bound, print pages on one side only
 Formatting: Times New Roman, font size 12, justified, 1.5 line spacing.
 Harvard Referencing to be used.
 Project10,000 to 12000 words, not including bibliography.
 Title page to include: Title of Project, Student Name, Student Number, Course Title, Supervisor name, Date (August, 2017)

• You must include a table of contents
• You must include a list of figures
• You must include a list of tables
• You must include a list of appendices (and obviously include them at the end)
• Include a list of abbreviations (at the start) if you use them in the document