Archaeology-BOOK REVIEW

200 words for each question – try to answer as completely as you can – feel free to use your textbook, and you might want to look at the Internet for outside sources.  If you use other sources, note the website or resource you used for your answers please.
Look at p. 422 the location and timeline for sites emphasized in Asia and Africa.  Then, respond to the following questions 1 and 2:
1.    Provide a summary of the dates, uses, and location for the development of pottery at those sites in the chapter where pottery is described.

2.    What is the significance, style and/or design, and assumed purpose for the rise of various temples, including some with altars, at some of the sites in this chapter on Asia and Africa?

3.    What does the environment have to do with state development?  Hint:  Use Chapter 4 Ancient Mesoamerica, Chapter 5 South America, and Chapter 6 States and Empires in Asia and Africa to present your argument.

4.    Egypt:  It often represents the pinnacle or “most exciting” area for archaeological interpretation.  From pages 445-456, is there information given in this section that confirms, in your mind, to this fascination with Egypt?  In other words, what are some of the reasons for the continued lure of Ancient Egypt?

Book Images of the Past by T. Douglas Price & Gary M. Feinman 7th edition

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