ARGUMENTATIVE PAPER-Assignment 2: Writing And Receiving Reviews

Questions Which May Help You Write Your Review

1. Has the writer chosen an interesting, original, and relevant title? If so, please explain what makes it interesting. If not, offer an alternate title.

2. Does the writer write an effective, attention-grabbing introduction that provides necessary background information and establishes the controversy surrounding the issue? If so, what makes the introduction effective? Be specific in your answer. Is the introduction adequate in length (no more than 1 page)? The introduction should be a minimum of 6 sentences. If it isn’t, provide suggestions for lengthening the introduction. Write the thesis statement down.

5. Does the writer unify his or her essay by beginning every body paragraph with a topic

sentence that discusses a reason for/against the issue? Remember, a topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph, and it tells exactly what is going to be discussed (argued) in the paragraph. Write down the topic sentence for every paragraph. Then, discuss each topic sentence. If the topic sentence works, explain why. If it doesn’t work, explain why and offer suggestions for revision.

6. Does the writer develop every body paragraph with sufficient supporting evidence, such as facts, statistics, examples, and expert opinions, from sources? Pick one paragraph which works well. Discuss this paragraph. What makes it work well? Be very specific in your answer. Then, pick a paragraph that does not work well. Explain why it doesn’t work well and make revision suggestions.

7. Does the writer avoid faulty logic and reasoning? Please provide one example where the writer’s logic works well. Please provide one example where the writer’s logic is faulty or needs further tweaking. Provide revision suggestions.

8. To your knowledge, has the writer made any obvious grammatical errors like fragments, comma splices, run-ons? If so, indicate where.

9. Has the writer written an argumentative essay, or has he or she merely written an informative work? Where can the writer better add to his/her supporting reasons? Be very specific in your answer here.

10. Has the writer addressed counter-arguments (i.e., addressed what the opposing side will say)? Provide an example where the writer effectively addresses a counter-argument. Provide an example where the writer does not effectively address a counter-argument and make revision suggestions.

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