argumentative political ideology

Pick  one  of  the  essay  topics  belowand discuss  it  in  relation  to on  one  of  the  following  “ideological  apparatuses”—the  family,  education,  political  (political  system  and  political  parties)  or cultural  (literature,  the  arts,  sports).  Make  sure  you  use  course  texts to define ‘political ideology’ and the particular ‘-isms’ you will focus on. You must useat least two readings from the courseas well as at least two secondary sources.The  order  of  presentation  is  something  you  need  to  think  deeply  about:  what  are  the  questions  you  are  seeking  to  answer  and what  is  the  best  order to  answer  them?  Aim  to  strike a balance between direct textual analysis of the readings we are using in the course with your own research. Devote an early paragraph to defining and exploring key conceptsusing  course  texts. All  papers  must  devote  a  section  to  examining  the  concept  of‘political  ideology’. Papers  should  be  double  spaced,  with  12  point  font  (Times  New  Roman,  Arial  or  Cambria  are  common  ones)  and  one  inch  margins.  Provide  a  title  pageand a bibliography.  Essay Topics1.Compare  and  contrast  two  of  the  following  political  ideologies:  liberalism, conservatism  and  socialism.  How  do  they  see  the  nature  of  human  beings  and society, key political values and the most desirable institutional arrangements? 2.Critically  examine  Sassoon’s  account  of  the  history  of  socialism  in  the  20th  C. How did it succeed? How did it fail? Is there a future for socialism?3.What  are  the  key  attributes  of  racial  ideology,  according  to  Fields?  What  does  Winant’s  ‘racial  formation’  approach  entail  and  how  can  it  help  us  understand  contemporary political dynamics?  4.Critically  examine  Coole’s  reconstruction  of  the  history  of  feminism.  Are struggles around  the  production  and  management  of  subjectivities  just  as  political  as struggles around domination and exploitation?5.How can fascism be defined in historical terms, according to Finchelstein? What are the key attributes of fascist ideology? According to Adorno, what are the personality traits of someone who is predisposed to fascism?

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