art creativity assignment

This assignment is to challenge you to think about the concept of creativity particularly in relation to the Visual Arts. Students are to: Consider the question: ‘What is Creativity?’ and the definition of this word. Choose one example of art/ design that you have found to be very creative. It might be the concept behind the artwork, the materials used, or how the artist conveys a message. You are to use this as your inspiration artwork for your own work that you’ll create. Now, create your own work of art that expresses creativity. It may mirror your inspiration artwork directly or merely reference it in some way. Your artwork may be created in any medium that you choose. Examples: Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design/Decorating, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, Cake Decorating, Quilting, Sewing, Flower Arranging, Craft, Wood work etc. In addition to creating your artwork (and providing an image or video of it in digital form) you must write a 2-page artist’s statement describing your inspiration for your work, the meaning behind it, how/why it is creative according to your definition or understanding of the word. Please submit your artwork & artist’s statement digitally and upload it to Moodle. This may be submitted as a Word .docx so long as an image (or video link) of your artwork is included in your artist’s statement. No extensions will be given. Task Description: Your assignment must include the following: I. Creativity Definition: Define what you think creativity is. Why is it important in the 21st century? II. Artwork: Your creative artwork must be inspired in some way, by one (or more) of the modern & contemporary artworks you have studied in this class or the theories/concepts you have learned about. Your artwork should be original, creative and contemporary. III. Artist’s Statement: Write a 2-page artist’s statement about your work. Students must clearly identify which artwork is your source of inspiration. In your statement, discuss how your artwork relates back to your definition of creativity. Statement Format: Artist statements must be 2 pages (not including the Appendix and References). Must be double-spaced. Must be word-processed. No handwritten papers will be accepted. Must have 1-inch margins all around. Spell check and grammar check your paper before you turn it in. Proof read for style and syntax before submitting paper. Include references. Properly cite your references using APA or some other commonly accepted citation. Don’t forget to include a reference page (Bibliography). See for examples.

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