art history essay

need it tomorrow morning 7/23 by 12:00 noon at the very latest. art history essay Instructions: -write 2 separate short essays that address each of the following questions -1/2-1 pg in length minimum each, (~250-500 words), 12pt font single spaced -include a cover sheet with name, date, & section number -list works sited at end of paper, you use both your textbook & outside sources, (does not need to be in MLA format) -NOTE: All papers will be run through a Plagiarism Checker -make sure you are including proper use of terms that may apply to your answers/examples, (see terms list) -the format should follow that of a regular paper: intro, body, and conclusion, use indentations at the beginning of each paragraph 1. Sound box of the lyre from “King’s Grave” p. 38 figure 2-10. Explain what the images represent in relation to the culture and time period. -question one is asking you to look at fig. 2-10 and then break it down. When you go to write your essay be sure to include some terms, history/origin of them where applicable, include information from the culture that will help explain the piece. You should also be able to include some compare/contrast with other periods/cultures. Include how the piece is supposed to be “read”, (ie. how we know how to interpret it & where that comes from). What the possible uses of the piece may have been, etc… (For your information Analyze the relationship of art to history by placing works of art within cultural, historical, and chronological contexts.) 2. Compare Kritios Boy from the Acropolis, Athens, Green with Epigonos, Dying Gaul from the Capitolini in Rome, Italy. Explain the stylistic differences in composition and visual interpretation. -question two is basically a compare and contrast between two pieces, fig. 5-34 & fig. 5-81, apply the same ideas listed for question one, and you may want to focus on the progression of the human figure. Discuss the specific sub-periods that each of these were produced in as that will help explain them. Again be sure to include terms in your discussion as well as influences. Essay Clarification: The essay assignment is to write 2 separate short essays. They need to be answered separately from each other, I would like the usual essay format: intro, body, conclusion, w/ indentations. Read the guidelines loaded for details, please read this document very carefully so you understand what is being asked. The word count in the guidelines is only a minimum, in order to have enough content and to convey your ideas you may need to write more, there will be no deduction made to papers that are longer.