Assessment Task 4: Database Application Project plus Lab Reports

Assessment Task 4: Database Application Project plus Lab Reports- 1500 words


  1. Objectives of Assessment Task 4

This assignment is designed to evaluate students on their ability to:

  • Reflect critically on current HR functions and practices in the context of an HRIS technology.
  • Develop skills in designing and interpreting reports from an HRIS.
  • Be able to demonstrate problem‐solving skills and anticipate problems with using an HRIS.


  1. Scenario

In assessment task 3, we became aware of the areas in which HRISs can help the organization manage its current and/or future human resources during and after COVID-19 pandemic. We also provided two recommendations for top management teams to understand how to manage their employees through HRISs.


The pandemic is still putting people’s lives at risk. In this vein, healthcare organizations such as clinics, hospitals and pharmacies are getting much busier than before and must effectively and efficiently respond to the demand for care in the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontline employees (e.g. carers, nurses, practitioners) in these healthcare organizations are being overwhelmed with the increasing level of requests for care. This has required HR teams in these organizations to employ new carers and nurses in a shorter time than before. That is, the Government has regulated restrictions that promote social distancing, remote working and virtual communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.


With an HRIS, these organizations can leverage e-recruitment systems for Recruitment and Selection, e-learning for Training and Development, online performance planning for Performance Management and online record-keeping for Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHC) to better respond to the need for carers and nurses in this difficult time.


Imagine you are the Director of the Department of Human Resources in a healthcare organization and you are asked to provide a digital employee experience that supports remote recruitment & selection, training & development and occupational health & safety for new employees. To achieve this aim, you must develop a HRIS to enable online tasks.


  1. Your Task
  2. Describe how the following three HR functions would be influenced by virtual working environments:
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training & Development
  • Occupational Health & Safety


  1. Other Requirements
  • At least 10 peer-reviewed academic references beyond 2006. It includes peer-reviewed publications, books and book chapters.


  • Wiki and invalid pages (e.g. blogs) are not accepted as your references.


  • You must cite (reference) all arguments, definitions, concepts and theories brought to your work.



  • Make sure you write your report using Third Person
  • Your references would not count for your wordings. Only the text (introduction, body text and conclusion as well as Tables within the text) would be counted.


  • Headings are essential in a report format. Use them to separate different parts of your report.




  1. Using MS Access, develop a database for 20 new carers or nurses. This database must support your HR team in achieving those three HR functions. (Please also make queries, forms, reports and macros)

List of carers or nurses, 2 – Recruitment & Selection, 3 – Training & Development, 4 – Occupational Health & Safety.

Have data for all 4 Tables created last time – Use the Lookup Wizard for Table 2,3 & 4. (Table 1 = 20 – 30 rows / Table 2,3,4 = 5 – 10 rows)

> Create 4 different Query and save it with meaningful names to understand the query (Simple or Multiple table query accepted)

> Create 4 forms – 1 form per table


Remember it is always Quality over Quantity: Here is some basic idea on the numbers for the table:

You can use the lecturer names we have done all semester as the list of nurse’s name (Refer to attached file)


Please put down what relates to each table name for example personal information of nurses you have gender, dob etc