Assignment 2 – Literature Review

Select a type of CYC practice, intervention, program model, problem, or area, and write a literature review. A recommended option is to utilize the intervention and area of ‘theory of change’ that was identified in your first assignment “Development of an Evaluation Logic Model”. NOTE: this is only an option, in that, for this assignment you can choose a new area of inquiry. The purpose of this review is to demonstrate that you can a) find relevant evaluation and research literature, b) accurately and cogently summarize that literature, and c) articulate a reasonable evaluation question(s) that results from the literature. The review is an analysis of the current literature, not simply a summary, in which you integrate the ideas in the articles under review into an argument, using the course content. The instructor will provide some examples of formats for this. The introduction and literature reviews in the articles you find are also examples of how to review the literature. Locate at least 8 evaluation or research articles (that report data). At least 4 articles should have mostly qualitative data and 4 should have mostly quantitative data. (You are not required in this course to understand the data analysis techniques that are reported.) Assignment Requirements In the paper you will critique and interpret: 1. Theories that are used to address the topic. 2. The research designs, including the sampling plan if there is one, the quality of the measurement strategies, and the methods used in the studies. 3. The findings, particularly in reference to whether the authors seem to have drawn reasonable conclusions. 4. The implications of the theories and the findings for child and youth care practice. 5. The suggestions for further study. At the end of the paper, articulate a research question for further study that is based on your best judgement about the implications of your literature review. Maximum 8 pages in length (double-spaced) not including title page and references. Submit by Sunday, July 30th. Example 1 Example 2 Marking rubric for Assignment Two – Literature Review: Introduction /2.5 Find current, relevant evaluation & research literature /5 Provide informative, but concise & accurate summary /5 Analysis of literature (critique & interpretation): Theories used Research designs (sampling, measurement strategies, and methods) Findings (whether authors have drawn reasonable conclusions based on their data) Implication (“theory & findings” and “CYC”) Suggestions for further study /15 Research question for further study /5 Quality of writing: Organization and clarity (headings, structure of paper) Writing style (Grammar, spelling & punctuation) References (appropriate citation) /2.5 Total /35