ASSIGNMENT 3: EC Payment Solution- critically evaluating the EC payment solutions used by an EC business of your choice


ASSIGNMENT 3: EC Payment Solution


For Assignment 3, you will be critically evaluating the EC payment solutions used by an EC business of your choice. The document you submit should be 1500 words in length (+/- 10%) and professionally formatted. Please use double spacing and sufficient margins.

In addition to these webpages, please review the “Referencing Expectations” document. Correct and consistent referencing and citing is a requirement for this and any other academic report.


  • Please select an EC business that offers at least three payment options (e.g. credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal).
  • Review the Web article “14 Payment Systems for Online Business” listed in this module.
  • Provide a quick introduction to the EC business you chose (industry, products, history, etc.). Then, evaluate each payment option your chosen EC business offers, and discuss advantages and disadvantages.
  • Review the Web article “Canadian Payment Methods and Trends: 2017,” as well as the handout “Critical Factors EC Payments.”
  • Recommend one additional payment option to your chosen EC business, and explain why it would be appropriate. Make sure to consider the target market, the products/services sold, the critical factors (as per the handout), and the costs. Also recall the mobile app evaluation in Activity 5 of Module 7 for potential payment alternatives that you encountered in the app review.
  • Summarize your own experiences with EC payments:
    • Which payment method do you prefer to pay with online, and why? If you do not have any e-commerce experience, ask a friend or relative for their evaluation.
    • Does your attitude towards EC security, as reviewed in Activity 2 of Module 8, affect how you approach EC payments? Explain.


Again, please make sure that you are referencing any sources in correct and consistent APA format.

Academic sources are required to successfully inform and complete this report. No less than five academic (scholarly) sources should be included in the bibliography and cited in the report. No less than eight sources total should be used for this report.

Required Textbooks

The following textbook is required for this course:

Schneider, G. P. (2017). Electronic commerce (12th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

ISBN: 978-1305867819


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