Assignment Help-Cliеnt tеасhing асtivity thаt is сulturаlly аnd dеvеlорmеntаlly аррrорriаtе

Assignment Help-Cliеnt tеасhing асtivity thаt is сulturаlly аnd dеvеlорmеntаlly аррrорriаtе

Choose one (1) of the scenarios outlined below and present a client teaching activity that is culturally and developmentally appropriate. The nursing and teaching process must be adhered to and the following points must be included:

Assessment: Interpret the scenario and describe how you will assess the client. Provide evidence to link your assessment to the developmental stage of the client and to at least one developmental theorist. Take into account relevant physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes again linking to at least one developmental theorist. You may use different developmental theorists for each change category if you wish. Consider social, cultural and family issues. Identify the client’s learning needs, motivation, ability to learn, teaching environment and resources for learning.

Nursing Diagnosis: Provide a problem statement that reflects the client’s specific learning needs.

Plan: Develop one short-term and one long-term client learning objective and consider timing as well as teaching materials to maintain the client’s attention. Ensure that these goals follow the SMART format (e.g. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely).Select appropriate teaching methods based on the client’s developmental stage (cognitive, physical and psychosocial ability), their learning needs and your assessment of the client.

Implementation: Describe your teaching approaches, what instructional methods that will be used and give details about how you will implement the education of the client.

Evaluation: Explain how you will determine if the client’s learning outcomes have been met.
For more information please see the Assessment 2 folder on Blackboard.
Scenario One
Jaxson is a 5 year old boy who lives with both parents and his older sister in the suburbs of a large city. Jaxson was diagnosed with Type I diabetes 2 years ago which has been well managed by his parents. He is developing normally and is about to start pre-school. As he will need to become more independent in the management of his diabetes he requires further education on how to test his blood glucose level (BGL). It is your role as the practice nurse of his local medical centre to teach him how to do this.