Assignment Help-Desktop Administration

Assignment Help-Desktop Administration

During this Assignment you will complete several steps that cover the use of operating system tools and features for helping improve the performance of your computer system. All tasks are part of Chapter 25, “Managing Hard Disks and Storage Spaces.” Additionally, you are encouraged to complete the ungraded Learning Activity section in this unit before beginning this Assignment.

Before beginning the Assignment, please note:

All tasks must be performed in the Virtual Machine.

Assignments not displaying the name of your Virtual Machine at the top of each screen shot. (where applicable) will not be accepted.

Label each screenshot using the proper naming convention.

Submit only one Word document to your Dropbox.

Read and perform the steps under “Hard Drive Health States.” In Chapter 25 of your text.

Take a screenshot of the Security and Maintenance window, displaying the Drive status of your machine. See Fig. 25.1 in the textbook.

If a problem is found, click the Run scan button and take a second screenshot of the required fix once the scan in completed.

If no problem is reported, then select the Troubleshooting option (rather than Recovery), select and execute any of the possible four options that are available (Programs, Hardware and Sound, Network and the Internet, System and Security), and take a screenshot substituting the previous Run scan task.

Read and perform the steps under “Checking Free Disk Space” and observe how space is allocated among different files types. Take a screenshot capturing the storage usage of your system.

Read and perform the steps under “Deleting Unnecessary Files.” Execute the Disk Cleanup Utility. Make sure to safely remove certain types of files only, e.g., Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet files, etc. Take a screenshot of before and after the Disk Cleanup utility takes place.

Read “Defragmenting Your Hard Disk.” Read and perform the tasks under “Running the Optimize Drives Tool” and use the Optimize Drives utility. Take a screenshot of the Optimize Drives window before and after execution of the chosen hard drive optimization process. See Fig. 25.9. Change the automatic optimization schedule frequency for daily. Take a screenshot of the new schedule.

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