Consider that you are employees of a large and successful venture capital firm. The board of the firm is deciding upon its current round of investments and strategic direction. Each group in the firm is making a pitch to the board and their colleagues to try and secure funding for their identified opportunity. This could be a new or existing start-up, new piece of technology, an existing business looking to scale. For example, your board is open to considering future investments in renewable energy markets, mobile technology platforms, global professional outsourcing, social enterprises etc.

 Convincing the board to invest in your identified opportunity is essential as your job depends on it – the firm operates on a promotion system of “up or out”!

identify a promising new venture or investment that will appeal to the board. The board will most certainly need to understand the start-up’s wider competitive environment, business model, financial viability and amount of investment required (and corresponding equity on offer).

Assessment of opportunity – technology, market and organizational capabilities

Understanding of current baseline/problem/market.

Description of the “technology” or idea under question (that solves a problem).

 Analysis of the business model or areas of industry investment

 How does this model create and capture value?

 Opportunity details such as:

 Financial – What is the financial viability of this investment?

 Marketing – Market size, target market, sales and distribution

 Operations – management team, key personnel