You are a team of recently graduated University students.

In your final year of University, you created a company that designs and manufactures trendy t-shirts that appeal to 15 to 25-year-old market. To start your company, each of your parents provided some start-up capital.

Your t-shirts are of a very good quality, and have fun slogans printed on them. Your best sellers include the ‘YOLO’ and ‘Shake it off’. An interesting feature of your t-shirts is that they are carbon neutral – that is, the company has pledged to offset any carbon emissions in the production process by funding carbon projects in Melbourne that lead to the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions. Each t-shirt has a tag on it which states the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere to produce the t-shirt, and how this has been offset. The quality of the t-shirts, the slogans and the carbon neutrality goal have made the t-shirts extremely popular – in fact, demand is outstripping supply tenfold.

The business has been operating in Melbourne for some time. All t-shirts are designed and manufactured in your Brunswick headquarters, and are sold through several local retail outlets. You are now looking to expand into new markets internationally. You are of the opinion that you will need to outsource the manufacture of your t-shirts to compete in the international market – it is the only way you can increase production volume and be price competitive. You have been advised by an international business expert that you should outsource production to Bangladesh.

You are to prepare a Pecha Kucha style presentation to your parents and other investors that are interested in funding your international expansion. In your presentation, you are to examine the following:

  An overview of the company, including its name and current business strategy (one slide only) ( tow references)

 Justify your decision to internationalise to the investors. Consider which markets you might sell your t-shirts in, and provide data to support your arguments? (3 to 4 slides) (Tow references)