Assignment Help- LASA 1 IP Networking

Assignment Help- LASA 1 IP Networking

LASA 1 IP Networking

In this assignment, you will write a paper in which you recommend whether you feel your network is ready to transition to IPv6.

The IP is the basic communications protocol that all Internet traffic communicates with; essentially, the entire Internet is built on it. For the past two decades, we have used IPv4. In June 2012, there was an official worldwide release of an upgrade to IPv6. Routers, bridges, switches, and all other equipment (including operating systems) across the world had to be compatible with this version to ensure cross compatibility. The new version minimizes the size of packet headers (therefore, sending less traffic), supports multicasting, allows for stateless auto configuration, and, perhaps most importantly, adds IP address capability. Under IPv4, there were about 4.3 billion IP addresses available. Under IPv6, 340 trillion trillion (yes, two trillions) addresses available. This removed the urgent need for more IP addresses across the globe.

Your boss has read about IPv6 and wants to know whether the network you oversee is ready for the transition. Prepare a response based on the networking and computer operating systems used in your facility. In your response, include the following:

· Identify the computer operating systems and networking systems used in the company.

· Explain the pros and cons of IPv6 over the use of IPv4. Compare and contrast the two technologies.

· Identify if the organization is currently ready for IPv6. Justify your answer with research.

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