Assignment Help-NEA4201 Building Systems and Costing

Assignment Help-NEA4201 Building Systems and Costing

Thinking only about mechanical services, what are the requirements for spatial provisions in a typical multi-storey building in relation to:  plantrooms;  main risers (duct and pipe risers, electrical risers for mechanical services, control wiring);  ceiling spaces;  in false floor areas?

List specialist mechanical services that are implemented in some buildings as a result of tenants’ requirements.

Considering various stages of project development (concept, design development, final design, construction, testing and commissioning, maintenance during normal operation), list criteria for establishing spatial provision requirements.

Who needs to be involved in the planning for successful coordination of mechanical services over the life of a building?

How do you think authority requirements will affect the design of mechanical services?

What impact would the events of 9/11 in your opinion have on building design, c