Assignment Help-Retention Metrics

Assignment Help-Retention Metrics

Retention Metrics

How does a human resources (HR) department know in which areas it is effective and which need improvement? How does it know if retention strategies are working, hiring costs are in line, performance goals are met, and training/development hours are appropriately allocated and achieved? There are many metrics that can be applied to obtain important human resources-related data and some will be more critical than others to a specific organization. For Part 2 of your Retention Strategies Report, outline the metrics that can be applied to the organization. (4–5 pages). Include the following:

· Describe human resources metrics currently being used to evaluate outcomes of human resources functions in your organization. Explain how they are of value to the organization.

· Identify gaps in the metrics being used. Analyze what is happening as a result of these gaps.

· Consider what the organization has planned for changing their metrics, and then recommend five human resources metrics that would provide data of particular value to the organization. Include at least one metric that addresses retention and one that addresses professional development.

· Describe how you would apply the data collected from each of these metrics to improve human resources outcomes.

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