Assignment Help-Retention Strategies

Assignment Help-Retention Strategies

Retention Strategies

Recruiting and training staff is a costly and time-consuming enterprise. As a result, a key focus of human resources is retention of staff. It is not easy to predict what strategies will be effective for different staff members. What is meaningful to one may be less so to another. The human resources responsibility is to develop an assortment of strategies that are most likely to have the greatest impact on a wide spectrum of employees. How do you create an environment where employees want to work? With your selected organization in mind, prepare a Retention Strategies Report that could be utilized in the organization.

· Describe the healthcare organization and its goals for retention.

· Describe three specific retention strategies that are working for this organization, and explain why they are effective.

· Evaluate specific challenges this organization has faced regarding retention.

· Analyze gaps in retention efforts this organization is faced with. Explain the ramifications of the gaps.

· Consider what the organization is planning to do to close the gap, and recommend three retention strategies that might be effective in promoting retention in this workplace. Explain why you think the strategies would be effective in closing the gap in the retention strategies in in this organization.

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