Assignment Help Services on- Human Psychology

Assignment Help Services on- Human Psychology

Please watch Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s and write a 1000 word minimum essay that discusses the following:

In the high-end fashion world, which mixes with all types of celebrity, the emphasis lies on outward appearances.

Think of this essay as a study in happiness and how one finds it. Are these celebrities happy?

How do they and others define their happiness? What does it mean to truly be happy?

How does this lifestyle, that clearly defines one’s success on visuals (external appearances), affect true happiness? Choose several personas in the movie and reflect on their happiness or lack thereof.


The great sages of religious and spiritual thought systems teach us, first and foremost, that happiness comes from within. The world around us demonstrates otherwise. Magazines, movies, television, clothing stores: with few exceptions, these teach us to focus on the external.


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