Assignment Help-Sexual behavior

Assignment Help-Sexual behavior

Sexual behavior is a highly controversial topic. Different cultural groups have varying beliefs regarding the appropriateness and morality of various sexual behaviors, when these behaviors should occur and with whom, the age at which sexual behavior should occur, and so forth. Sexual behavior is a common topic in religion, politics, and education. It is so grounded in cultural and religious belief systems that accepting differences in others’ sexual behavior is difficult, if not impossible, for some.

Not only are there differing religious and cultural views on sexuality, but there are also different views and perceptions of gender-related aspects of sexuality within cultural groups. For example, in some cultures, prepubescent, same-sex experimentation is expected and encouraged prior to adulthood, whereas this behavior is perceived as abnormal in most Western societies. In some cultures, women are perceived as having a much lower sex drive than men, and older adults may be perceived as having no sex drive at all. As with any perception, when society acts on an assumption, people are impacted. As a simple example, if you assume that older adults do not have sex and construct barriers for sexual activity in assisted living facilities, the psychological well being of the residents in that facility may be affected. Understanding the differences in sexuality in different cultural groups is an important aspect of understanding the whole person and the person’s behavior.

you analyze two case studies of individuals who have multiple identities related to sex, gender, and sexual orientation and consider how these identities would affect aspects of their lives if they lived in your culture.

Review the two case studies in this week’s Learning Resources and consider the subjects’ specific identities related to sex, gender, and sexual orientation.

Think about how Alberto and Jeanette would experience life in your culture given their specific identities.

Consider the advantages and challenges that Alberto and Jeanette may face regarding friendships, romantic relationship, and sexuality within your culture.

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