Assignment Paper-Casework Critique

Casework Assignment I – Practice Critique

A detailed outline follows: Assignment Paper-Casework Critique

1. Each student must develop a mid-term paper (8-10pgs) on a client that they have assessed and treated from a particular practice theory 2. Include class, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation of your client 

3. Define the psychosocial frame of reference how has the psychosocial frame of 
 reference informed your assessment of the client’s situation and your specific treatment plans and interventions with the client thus far?

4. Which practice theory informed your practice, key concepts, ptractice principles and interventions?

5. What is the dynamic relationship between?
A) Clients past and current themes/challenges
B) Client’s conscious and unconscious issues
C) Client and worker’s current and transferential relationship Include excerpts from practice to illustrate these aspects where appropriate 6. Include and ethical dilemmas that were inherent in this case.