Assignment: Unit 3 – Individual Project-Preparation for Action Research Project Implementation

Assignment: Unit 3 – Individual Project
Type: Individual Project
Points Possible: 100
Points Earned:
Deliverable Length: 5–7 pages
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Unit: Preparation for Action Research Project Implementation
Due Date: Wed,2/419
Assignment Description
Part I
Go to the CTU library (CYBRARY), and open the ABI Inform database. Find and review the following article:
• French, S. (2009). Action research for practising managers. The Journal of Management Development, 28(3), 187–204. doi:
Part II
Your project proposal will contain a Practical Framework section of 8–12 pages (not including the title page, table of contents, or reference list) plus a Letter of Intent (scanned). Develop these sections according to the following guidelines:
1. Practical Framework: Explain how you will conduct action research. Include the following:
o Identification of Grand Objective
o Identification of First Sub-Objective/Diagnosis
o Planning Phase
? Plan must be able to be accomplished within the context of your 1–2 hour meeting with the client system
o Action Phase
? Emphasis on how you will facilitate this phase as you employ appreciative inquiry, action research, and process consultation (AI/AR/PC) values
o Facilitation of the Reflection Phase
? Identify the new knowledge created during the cycle (covering What?, So What?, and Now What?), and employ the values of AI/AR/PC
2. Letter of Intent: You have identified a client who is interested in working with you. To make sure you have an agreement in place and a practice site next term, obtain a Letter of Intent from the client based on the following specifications:
o Use a company letterhead (no e-mails permitted)
o Include the following parts of a business letter:
? Heading
? Date
? Name of client system representative
? Address
? Phone
? E-mail of client system representative
? Salutation
? Body: The body of the letter can be short, but it must contain the client’s statement that he or she agrees to work with you next term and will participate in the following activities:
? An introduction meeting with the action research participants (client system representative and at least 2 other organizational members)
? 3 cycles of AI/AR/PC lasting 1.5–2 hours
? An evaluation meeting with the client system representative
? Close
? Handwritten signature

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