Assignment Writing Services-Revitalizing Haichidaime

Assignment Writing Services-Revitalizing Haichidaime

In this assignment, please write a short two-page analysis report based on the following two questions.

  1. Provide an in-depth analysis of ONE current or future trend/factor from the broad environment or the operating environment that will shape Haichidaime’s future.
  2. Based your analysis, propose some specific tactical and strategic recommendations to Mr. Takashi on how to revitalize his rice store business.

Rice is the primary staple food of the Japanese diet and of fundamental importance to the Japanese culture. In 1993, Japanese government deregulated rice farming and distribution. Imported rice usually sold at a lower price started to dominate the market. In addition, due to diet changes and abundance of food, rice consumption in Japan kept decreasing in the past two decades. Established in 1750 in Kyoto Japan, Haichidaime is an eight-generation family business specializing in selling high quality Japanese rice. Hashimoto Takashi, Haichdaime’s current owner, grew up in the rice shop. As a rice sommelier, Mr. Takashi is professionally trained and knowledgeable of all aspects of rice, such as rice cooking, cultivation and distribution.

Since the deregulation, like many other specialty rice shops, Haichidaime’s business went downslope and is on the verge of closing its door. Mr. Takashi is very passionate about rice and has tried various approaches to keep the business alive. The store has an established relationship with suppliers of local farmers, high-end restaurants, loyal consumers, and the local community, but the business is not doing well. MR. Takashi is determined to revitalize the rice store’s business and needs your help to come up with a revitalization plan!



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