Assignment Writing Services-Terrorism and Cyber Crime


Assignment Writing Services-Terrorism

Appreciate some of the challenges associated with the investigation of cybercrime.
Discuss some of the legislation that has been enacted to address cybercrime.
Apply some “traditional” theoretical perspectives to explaining cybercrime
Understand the impact of corporate violations against the environment.
Explain the function of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in enforcing labor regulations.
Appreciate the complexity in defining organized crime.
Identify key historical events that have influenced and shaped organized crime.
Discuss the different types of criminal organizations identified by the criminal justice system.
Identify the various criminal justice responses to organized crime.
Discuss how different theoretical explanations can be applied to enhance our understanding of organized crime.
Appreciate the similarities and differences between traditional forms of crime and cybercrime.
Identify various types of cybercrimes, such as hacking, identity theft, child pornography, Internet fraud, and cyberstalking.What are some of the controversial issues related to civil liberties and the efforts to counter terrorism?
Understand and articulate the criteria experts use to distinguish white-collar crime from traditional forms of offending, as well as criticisms of these criteria.
Understand and articulate the ways corporate crimes harm society in terms of physical and property damage, as well as in weakening the moral fabric of society.

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