Auditing#7 Accounting Essay

This is about Auditing and Accounting. ******************************* Explain the following 1. common stock ****************** 2. preferred stock ******************* 3. proxy ******************* 4. Shareholder rights ************************* 5. Dividends Characteristics ****************************** 6. Dealers and brokers ***************************** 7. Stock exchanges ***************************** 8) What are internal controls and why are they so important? ***************************** 9) How can an auditor tell if there are not enough internal controls, too many internal controls, or the right amount of internal controls. ***************************** 10) You are an auditor and a client who is starting a new business comes to you for advice on the kinds of internal controls that should be established. Select a business area and provide a clear overview of necessary kinds of internal controls that are necessary. ************************** Your answers must be presented in APA style. 0 plagiarism please