Why We Should Become Urban Farmers or Support the People Who Do?

Why We Should Become Urban Farmers or Support the People Who Do


Using a strong argumentative structure (point, counterpoint, rebuttal, synthesis, conclusion), please develop a seven paragraph essay presenting your argument on the need for urban farming. How does urban farming help the community and the people? Is urban farming beneficial solely because of its chemical free fruits and vegetables, or is there something more to it? In what ways have Urban Farmers struggled to plant crops and make a living out of it? Is this type of business sustainable? Is Urban Farming a better solution than purchasing food from a grocery store or restaurant? Can a person survive solely off personal indoor or backyard crops? Should more people become urban farmers, and if so why may it be a good thing? What about urban farming do you support or with which you disagree?

Explain your position understanding the reader may have a different concept and position on the topic. Examine the discussion surrounding the points you want to make, focusing on the structure of argument (listed above). To offer synthesis, look at the bigger picture; please consider the economics. Analyze the impact on the American consumer and the urban farmer,considering how access to affordable food grown locally would change his or her quality of life.

Also, every source is important. There is no fluff. The essay should follow the conventions of MLA style.

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