Belief in a Just World (BJW)

In this folder are materials for your Paper I. This Paper I is essentially the first part of an empirical research report (the “Literature Review” portion of your first study on the Belief in a Just World (BJW)). Paper I should start broadly and then narrow down toward the end of the paper. That is, think about it as the top triangle in the hourglass figure I gave you in class. It should have a brief introduction to the topic in the first few paragraphs (remember – your topic is BJW). It should then talk about prior research in this area (this is where you include the three articles that you are reviewing).
The paper should conclude with your study hypothesis (You already have this! I gave it to you in the instructions, so make sure to read the last part of your experimenter instructions, which I also included in this folder).
The goal of this entire paper is to show your reader how the articles you summarized and reviewed help support your hypotheses. In other words, use prior research to help justify your hypothesis. In Paper II (due in a few weeks), you will move into the second part of the empirical paper (the methods and results sections), so for Paper I just make sure to focus on presenting prior research and your hypothesis in a clear, precise manner using APA format. Good luck!

For your study one literature review, you MUST use three articles ( I INCLUDED THE ARTICLES HERE. PLEASE SEE “MS AND…” DOCUMENTS)  from this folder plus at least two additional articles (one more can come from this folder, but the last one cannot come from from this folder). Thus your Paper I will have a minimum of 5 references ( ALSO INCLUDED IN DOCUMENTS)

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