Best Essay Writing Services: Examine the experimental approach and the statistical analyses.

Restate the essential research question (i.e., why do this research). What was known about this topic before this research?

Explain how the data was collected. What were the methods?

Very thoroughly, explain what the research found. What conclusions can be drawn from the research? 

Include your opinion about the research. Is it interesting, important, informative, controversial…? Why?

Examine the experimental approach and the statistical analyses. Are they appropriate?

What are the possible questions or direction for further research? What questions do you have?

What connections can you make to course content?

Write the REVIEW. Each section should be at least 1 paragraph. Some sections may require more than 1 paragraph (Sections V and W are most likely to need more than 1 paragraph).

Final touches. Include a title page and a reference page. The article should be referenced in APA format.

Written Assignment Expectations include:

Choice of a challenging and appropriate article

Length – 3-4 pages double-spaced (text must at least start on the 3rd page and no longer than 4 full pages (cannot start a 5th page of text))