Beyond the Bayou

first post your current thesis.

Then post one of your paragraphs. You may want to choose a paragraph that is well developed—or you may want to choose one that you need some help with.

To help distinguish the various components of the paragraph, use different colored fonts to note the areas of your paragraph:

Red for the paragraph’s topic sentence
Green for the paragraph’s use of evidence
Blue for the paragraph’s explanation/warrant of the evidence
It is recommended that you copy and paste your paragraph from your word processing software so that you have your draft all in one place; the colored fonts will carry over into Leo.

However, you can also change the color of font in Leo by clicking on the “more” box in the upper-right hand corner of the discussion box (the three dots).  The screenshot below shows where this button is located.

It will open into a new window with more word processing choices, like changing the color of your fonts.

Once you have this paragraph in good shape, you can apply what you have learned about paragraph development to the remaining body paragraphs in the paper.

You should post the paragraph by the deadline; of course, the earlier you are able to post it and receive feedback, the better—for you can then move on to your other paragraphs. Your goal is to have the body of the essay completed by the end of Week Three.

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