book review- Sing You Home By Jodi Picoult

Name of Book: Sing You Home By Jodi Picoult

The paper must be a minimum of three pages of text and use APA format. Use citations for any references used for the paper. Goal: Ability to demonstrate a high level of ethical analysis and understanding of ethical dilemmas.
I. Introduction
A. 1-2 sentences to establish the book read and one or two sentences summarizing
Your synthesis of the focus and purpose of the book related to Ethics.

Identify the Content and focus of the paper.
II. Application of concepts- be specific and in depth
Using our text, class discussions, outside literature, etc. apply a number of concepts and materials that are addressed throughout the course.
Be specific and use examples from the book read and the textbook, provide citations as needed.
III State clearly the relationship between the concepts and your analysis of the book as it relates to ethics.
Use outside professional literature to support your application of theories, concepts and decision-making models relating to your analysis.
IV. Summary
Explore how this book influenced your learning in this class? Would you
Recommend other students to use this book in Ethics? Why or why not?
C. Consider how you will use this ability to synthesize professional ethical practice in your future work as a human service professional.
D. Other concluding thoughts.

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