TOPIC:                         BUDGET CHALLENGES

Leaders face many challenges in their roles of guiding an institution of higher education. One such challenge surrounds the budget process. This assignment will allow the learner to look at a specific scenario and make decisions as to how to best address the given challenges.


After reading the scenario titled “Case Study: Omega College” in the textbook (PLEASE REFER TO THE ATTACHED FILE), write a paper (1,000 words) discussing your research-based ideas as to how to handle the challenges offered in the scenario. Address the following in your paper:

  1. What types of budgets will the college need to work with?
  2. What budget model(s) would be best suited to address the concerns of the college? Why?
  3. What strategies could you incorporate in order to meet the funding needs of the college?


Please add 2 to 3 scholarly articles as a reference for this assignment