BUS 130 Individual Presentation Assignment

BUS 130 Online – Guidelines for Individual Presentation Assignment
The Individual Presentation is a formal, 3-5 minute, factual video presentation on a topic of your choice. The idea is to
teach the audience how to do something step by step.
The use of visual aids is expected.
Some presentation topic examples are: How to cook a particular meal; How to braid hair; How to putt a golf ball; How
to tie a shoelace, etc. It needs to be something you can show us how to do step-by-step. It is NOT an informative
presentation where you research extensive information and report out on a topic, citing your research sources. A “How
To” presentation is meant to be fun, and about a topic with which you are already comfortable and experienced.
PART A: Individual Presentation Topic and Presentation Week Sign-up
Submit your presentation topic idea for approval (to avoid duplication) to the D2L Discussion forum by the date
specified by your instructor. In the post title line, use the following format please: Your Name: “How to X”.
You may also post a brief description on the Discussion forum describing your topic choice. Your instructor will approve
it, or if s/he has questions, follow-up with you directly. Be sure to sign-up for a presentation week slot on D2L. We will
host a maximum of 10 presentations each week.
PART B: Individual Presentation Outline Value: 5%
Using the blank BUS 130 Presentation Outline Template found on D2L, fill in the following details:
o Introduction: How you will:
Capture attention of the audience
Involve the audience
Establish your credibility
State your presentation purpose
Preview the 3 main points you will cover
Identify your transition words that will lead to the Body section of your presentation
o Body:
Identify each of the 3 main points
Provide supporting details for each main point
Provide information in a logical order
Identify your transition words between each main point, and at the end of the Body section that will
lead into the conclusion section of your presentation
o Conclusion:
Restate your presentation purpose
Summarize your main points
Provide a closing statement
NOTE: Citations and References are needed for the How To presentation only if you utilize a
website, fact, etc that is not original to you. Do your best to use APA format, but it is not expected
that it be perfect at this point.
o See both the Outline and Presentation rubric for how marks will be awarded.
Submit your Presentation Outline in the Assignment dropbox on D2L at least ONE week in advance of your
presentation week for instructor feedback.
PART C: Individual Presentation Value: 5%
Present your topic to the class in the form of a video that you upload to the class D2L website. Instructions will be
provided. Use .mp3 or .avi format if possible. Our D2L class site is secure on a Canadian-based server, and your video
will not be available to anyone outside our class group to view. Please do not post it to a YouTube channel.
Practice before videotaping yourself so you:
Are certain your presentation is no less than 3 minutes and no more than 5 minutes
Are comfortable speaking, and that your microphone can pick up your vocals.
Know your topic, main points and supporting details
Know how to use your props or equipment, and that the lighting is appropriate
Have a friend or family member record your, or use a stable camera/video stand.
During your presentation: Remember to breathe and smile!
o Make eye contact with your audience behind the camera – don’t just read word for word from
notes looking down. Look up from time to time.
o Check your posture – standing straight, yet relaxed, hands our of your pockets
o Vary your voice, and speak loudly enough
o Sound enthusiastic; check your vocal speed
Follow your presentation outline
Complete a self-evaluation and submit it as directed
Your instructor and at least two classmates will also provide you with feedback
If you are able to access Camosun College campuses in Victoria, BC, you may borrow equipment from our Audio-Visual
Departments. Let your instructor know at least 2 weeks in advance if you require any special equipment or supplies.

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