BUS3ENT Entrepreneurship Assessment Task 2-describe/critically analyse Individual startup venture report

1500 words essay

Please select ONE Australian startup venture from the list of “Australian Entrepreneurship Mini Cases”, which can be found on LMS (the file titled “2021_BUS3ENT Startups mini cases for assignment 2”), and describe/critically analyse: Individual startup venture report

Cover page (Please indicate your full name, student ID, campus, class day & time, and tutor’s name)

  1. Startup introduction
  • Brief introduction of the chosen startup venture
  • Who and where are the business’s targeted customers?
  • What are the major product/service benefits, features and/or experience?
  • What customer wants, needs, problems or fears are the venture trying to address?
  • What makes the business differentiated from current oppositions/competitive offerings in the market?
  • How attractive is the industry that the business is located in, and How competitive is it?


  1. The process of new venture creation
  • How were the opportunities recognised, evaluated and exploited?


  1. Business model
  • Critically evaluate the venture’s business model (and its value propositions).



  1. Entrepreneurial marketing and finance:
  • Critically evaluate the entrepreneurial marketing strategies/tactics that have been employed at different stages of the venture’s development.
  • Where and how effective did the venture seek for finance at different stages of the venture’s development? What type of finance that has been used by the venture?


  1. Recommendations


References (at least 12 references required, among which at least 05 academic references needed; Harvard referencing style)


Please support your analyses/arguments with relevant secondary data/facts and figures, and apply/reflect on relevant entrepreneurship theories where possible/relevant.

Report format (with the above suggested headings) is to be used, with 1.5 spacing, and 12 Times News Roman font.