Business 100- Process Of Management

Write a 5-7 page term paper in which you not only describe the topic but connect your findings to the subject’s significance to management functions such as planning, leading, controlling, and organizing. This is where you will use critical thinking such as discussing pro/con, profitability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

You must write your report on Disney. You can use additional companies as examples. The paper must be about Disney and how that business is seeking to meet these challenges.


What is diversity? What are the challenges in managing diversity? How do you manage these challenges? What are the benefits of diversity?

The paper must include references. Cite references in APA format and within the body of the paper.

The paper should be double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt font, Times New Roman font.

Be sure to include an overview in your introduction and tie together the sections in your conclusion.

A financial graph of some element in your paper must be included and cited in the paper.

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