Business Assignment

Name:  Section:  Date: Homework #1  Keep all underlined and/or bold text as headers, delete all text in italics, as it’s instructional. Please use a separate paragraph for each item listed. Include all items; if it’s not applicable, for example, there are no legal issues, discuss it. Fully and properly cite all quotes and ideas per MLA format.   Direct quotes should be no more than 2-3 sentences. Never quote an entire paragraph. Cite all quotations. Total citations shouldn’t be more than 20% of the paper.  Attach a separate Bibliography to all assignments. You will use it for your final paper. For all assignments, all but 2 sources must be from the from the PSU Library, BA 301 Course Guide: Business Source Premiere, Business Insights Global, LexisNexis, Edgar (10K), Investext, Passport, IbisWorld, Mintel, as well as any industry specific database found through the course guide.    Part 1—Company Discussion Introduction First sentence should start with “________ is a _________ company…” Then include an overview of the history, size, number of employees, locations, products, etc. At least two paragraphs.  Mission Quote, cite, AND discuss.  Vision Quote, cite, AND discuss.  Values Quote, cite, AND discuss.  Current Business Strategy Located in 10-K or Company Annual Reports.  Stakeholders List 5 of them. List their stakes. Do not list individual shareholders. List two opposing stakeholders and their stakes, List two stakeholders with the same stakes, list their stakes.  Financial Overview 3 years revenues, 3 years profits. Cite, discuss.  Financial History 3 years of historical stock performance. Cite, discuss.  Debt Discuss DE ratio.   Patents Discuss only if applicable. For example, a pharmaceutical company should have a robust discussion on patents. If not applicable, say so.  Legal issues Is the company facing multiple lawsuits—discuss? Do not list individual lawsuits.  SWOT In narrative form. Include a separate paragraph for each:  Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

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